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Owner and Trainer of Candid Canines, Claire Robertson, has been enthralled with animals since she can remember. It was only natural that she took that passion and made it into her career.

Candid Canines

I became interested in dog training the way most people do. I got a dog that was completely out of control! The more I worked with my dog, Charlotte, the better our relationship became. Instead of being stressed out about her getting out and not coming back, I was happy and excited to take her on walks or to family events.


I believe training is a tool to help  you and your dog become best friends, and use relationship building, reinforcement based training, and creative problem solving as a means to create that friendship.

I do not believe respect or friendship starts with fear or pain.


Claire Robertson


Is the owner and trainer of Candid Canines. She is certified trainer, recognized by the CCDPT and has an associates degree in English.

She is certified for Pet First Aid and CPR.

Claire is a Certified American Kennel Club Canine Good Citizen Evaluator.

Claire is also a CARAT Assessor.

Selected Best Of Burnet in 2019.


In her free time she likes to go on hikes with her dogs Sadie, Hank and Chico and horse back ride.

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